Rave Reviews

I haven’t said it enough yet, but I can’t put into words how much I appreciate all your help and all your support.  You have done more for me in 6 months than what 20+ years of therapy could do.


I, along with my wife, have conquered our limiting beliefs in the area of debt, elimination and fear of it.



Well, since our last call, I have changed my beliefs about money. At the moment, my business is raking in the dough.



Thank you so very much for your time, insight and energy.  What a blessing you are!  I feel so much better, but it’s because of your guidance through our talk, your insights into where I’m at and what I need to push through it.  When you spoke it was amazing that you seemed to truly get what I’ve been feeling…not just words.  When you speak you have such eloquence, it’s soothing, it’s peaceful, it’s safe! So, from the bottom of my heart Thank You for letting me see that Light in the tunnel, not at the end of the tunnel. A Big Hug to You!



My sessions with my coach, Brenda, aside from being infused with warmth and humor, were very helpful in clarifying my thoughts and beliefs. She offered me new perspectives, other ways of looking at things. It is great to know that someone else wants me to succeed in what I want to achieve as much as I do. She reminded me that everything is perfect as it is and things happen in Divine right order. I am very happy that I signed up with the program.


I want to thank you. You have my gratitude for all the clearing work you helped me do during our sessions, for I truly believe it has made a significant and lasting change, clearing, growth and renewal. I want to acknowledge your work, it’s impact and let you know how grateful I am to have recieved it. Words sound a little flat, for the work you took me through was so multi-dimensional…..So thank you, Ms. Brenda, for all your guidance. What a great gift that is, and I am so blessed to have received it. Bless you for sharing your gifts. Love and Gratitude!


I have worked with Brenda for over six months. When I started her telephone coaching program, my life was out of balance and I felt I simply could not cope with all the issues tormenting me. Her guidance and her coaching helped me to gain a better perspective of what was truly going on. She helped me realign my vibrations and showed me the way to create miracles in my life. I recommend Brenda with all my heart. You will not only have a wise, gentle, warm and inspiring coach: you will make a friend who truly cares and loves you. Thank you Brenda for your support and for helping me believe in myself again. Now my days are filled with smiles and I can see the miracles all around!


Brenda Young  847-772-8807   BYoungCoaching @ gmail.com