Guided Meditations and Songs
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Daily meditation will improve your overall body through a sense of internal peacefulness. You will feel calm and in control, as well as a general state of happiness. Life won’t seem so stressful, and you’ll handle all situations with greater ease and confidence.

These meditations are designed to relax you, guide you, and connect you to your higher self. This type of connection allows you access to forward your life in a way that brings you more peace, joy, and wisdom. Each meditation has a specific intention to help you in your daily life.

Use these guided meditations as a tool to make suggestions to the subconscious. Breathe deeply and follow the visualizations along with the words to guide your thoughts, feelings and intentions. Doing these regularly will have a profound effect on your health and well-being. Enjoy!

You may notice that the availability of the free meditations changes from time to time. If you have a favorite that's not on this page anymore, check the "Catalog of Meditations" page. You may find it there.

Meditation: Strengthen Your Power Center and Open Your Heart

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Grounding Meditation

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Gratitude Meditation

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Song: The Light

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The Law of Attraction Song

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Please enjoy these songs : ) The Light was written 15 yrs ago to enhance my connection to Source and feel the energy flowing through my body. I wrote The Law of Attraction Song a few years ago as a reminder of  how to use my beliefs and work with my energy. I'd like to share these songs with you, with the intention of helping you create a more satisfying and successful life.

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