Catalog: Coaching Opportunities
Programs and Prices

Each coaching session is about an hour long and completely customized to fit your individual goals. Any program can be modified - or we can create a new one just for you!

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Beginner Package

The 3 Rs to an Abundant Life - Release, Relieve & Revive

3 Sessions   Original Price $450   Sale Price $375

  • Release - Identify and let go - In this session, we look at what's wrong, how we attracted it and how to release it.
  • Relieve - A fresh new look - Next we implement ways to bring relief through a new perspective. You’ve let go of old habits and are ready to incorporate effective techniques and create a new way of being.
  • Revive - The formula for success - Now, revitalized with a clear direction and increased energy, you can create new opportunities in life using simple yet effective tools that support your success.

Orig.: $450.00
Sale: $375.00

Mid-Level Package

Supersizer 6 - Completely Customized to Your Needs   

Original Price $900  Sale Price $749

6 Personalized sessions that offer:

  • An individualized plan of action
  • Clarity and a new approach
  • Motivation for the mind
  • Inspiration for the heart
  • Support for the body
  • A customized “Tool Kit”

Orig.: $900.00
Sale: $749.00

Advanced Package

Today's Top 10 - Top 10 tips for every area of life

10 Coaching Sessions to enlighten and uplift the top 10 areas of your life    Original Price $1500  Sale Price $1250

  • Money – how to attract it and hold on to it
  • Health – create vibrancy and well being
  • Relationships – get the love you want - and keep it
  • Career – know what you want - and be it
  • Family – create harmony in the home (with or without children)
  • Friends – enjoy your social network through all phases of life
  • Spirituality – feel alive and connected at a soul level
  • Creativity – tap in to the wellspring of inspiration
  • Love Life – improve intimacy
  • Seasons – transform your body with the natural rhythm of the seasons

Orig.: $1,500.00
Sale: $1,250.00

60/90 minute Laser Session

This 60 to 90 minute session is designed to transform an issue and create an opening for new possibilities to occur.


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