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Imagine something so relaxing, it makes you drool. Now allow yourself to be in that place, feeling all the wonderful sensations, letting that thought tickle your senses. It not only feels good, it looks good, smells good, tastes good, and sounds good. Let your senses come alive with this visualization. Breathe it in. Let your mouth water a little. Let your eyes be filled with delight at the vision of something so enticing. The smells invite you in and the sounds are pulling on your attention. Imagine how good it really, take that feel-good feeling in to every cell in your body and let it captivate you. Really feel it in every part of your body. It's tingling all your senses at the very core of your being. It's sooooo good, you can't help but melt in to it. Just be in this wonderful space, where every muscle in your body relaxes. All your organs are at ease. Your respiration slows down, and you invite in deeper breathing.  Even your nervous system goes into a calm and relaxing state. Your blood pressure lowers, your glandular system pumps all hormones and chemicals in perfect balance. Your entire body restores itself to a natural homeostasis.

Studies have shown that meditation enhances your life by balancing your emotional and mental health. It also has many very positive affects on your physical well-being. Research has shown that meditation:

- Normalizes blood pressure
- Reduces stress and tension
- Creates a deep state of relaxation
- Improves mood and behavior patterns
- Strengthens the mind by increasing concentration
- Improves self confidence
- Reduces heart disease
- Reduces anxiety attacks
- Helps with weight control
- Increases energy, strength, and vitality

Daily meditation will improve your overall body through a sense of internal peacefulness. You will feel calm and in control, as well as a general state of happiness. Life won’t seem so stressful, and you’ll handle all situations with greater ease and confidence.

Massage Therapy

Massage is often thought of as a way to relax and release the tension in the muscles, but it does so much more. It can also relieve pain and enhance flexibility and range of motion. With a variety of techniques and styles an experienced massage therapist can restore balance to the whole body. For example, swedish massage increases circulation and breaks down knots (lactic acid) in the muscles; lymphatic massage relieves inflammation and drains those toxins; trigger point therapy allows muscle spasms to melt under gentle increasing pressure; neuromuscular therapy works with the muscles and nervous system to relieve specific tension and pain in the muscle fibers caused by an overactive nervous system, repetitive actions, or injuries; deep tissue massage addresses all levels and layers of muscles to break down knots and spasms deep within; craniosacral therapy works with the cranium, spinal column, and connective tissue (fascia) to relieve migraine headaches, TMJ dysfunction, and other constrictions in the body; sports massage can prepare a body for an athletic event as well as restore it to optimal functioning following the event; polarity therapy brings balance to the muscles in the body as well as addresses issues on other levels (nutritional, spiritual, emotional, etc.); reflexology can help with plantar fasciitis as well as support internal organs; prenatal massage relieves tension and flushes inflamed legs for the expectant mother.

My approach to a massage therapy session is to determine where the imbalances are, and offer a variety of corrective techniques to restore function and balance to the tissues and fluids. I use pressure appropriate for the area and the person (ranging from light - medium - firm - deep), and I educate the recipient with helpful information, regarding corrective posture, specific stretches, nutritional suggestions, and life coaching tools, if needed and desired. I have worked in doctor's offices, pain clinics, health and fitness centers, and spas as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and I've been an active member of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers since 1991. I love helping a body feel better and restoring a person's quality of life. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to experience a session in the north Austin area (near Mopac and Parmer).

Massage Therapy Fees

My standard fees are $85 for a 60 minute massage; $125 for a 90 minute massage.

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