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Clearing Techniques

Here you'll find guided visualizations and video recordings of how to do some of the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balancing and clearing techniques I use. If you need further assistance, contact me at my email address below.


Energy Transmutation Technique

Clearing Statement

Put your attention on your issue. Take a deep breath. Proclaim the following

I am willing to release any fears I am holding as a part of my identity and in this moment of now, I allow myself to feel my connection to my Divine Source/God/Consciousness/My Higher Self

(While holding your dominant hand across your forehead and the other hand across the back of the head at the base of the skull):

I choose to clear now all the energy related to ________________________________________________,

(my thoughts, feelings, fears, and memories of limitations).

Take a deep breath.

(With dominant hand in Acu-hold position: index and middle finger on third eye between eyebrows, thumb and 4th finger at bridge of nose just above tear ducts , and non-dominant hand still holding the back of the head)

From the Divine Love that flows within my being, I purify, dissolve, & reclaim this energy. I forgive myself and others for all judgments, 

Take a deep breath.

(While holding left hand over heart center and right hand over solar plexus/stomach area, proclaim the following)

on every level of my being (body, mind, heart, and soul), where I stored it, benefitted from it, and created karma around it.

Take a deep breath.

(With left hand at top of head, and right hand at the base of the torso – hands don’t need to touch the body, proclaim)

Through all time, space and beyond, I transmute this energy into pure Divine Source energy, and reintegrate it in, to flow through my being with increasing velocity.

Take a deep breath.

(With dominant hand over heart, and non-dominant hand over naval)

I give myself and others total unconditional love and acceptance. I am clear and complete. I can relax now. I am grateful, and I am present. And so it is.

Take a deep breath


Guided Visualization to

Integrating Your Inner Child 

Imagine your inner child feeling left out, not good enough, or unloved. There’s a part of your energy that fragments off when these feelings occur, and you are, on some level, incomplete with your past. What happens to you when a similar experience occurs that leaves you feeling that same way as a kid? You actually revert back to that old way of being: unconfident, unempowered, and lacking in positive energy or certainty. 

Here is a simple guided visualization you can do to re-integrate that inner child. Begin by getting quiet, still and centered. Breathe in through your left nostril, by closing your right one. This stimulates the right brain, readying it for transmission of information (for your intuition to be clear). Focus on your third eye (between your eyebrows) and imagine breathing the color indigo in to it. This enhances clarity of insight and vision. When you feel ready, call forth the essence of your soul, with the intention for healing to occur. 

First, identify how old you are and call for the essence of your inner child at that age. 

Next, begin to dialogue with your inner child. Ask: Is there something you’d like to share with me? Are you unhappy or angry? Why do you feel that way? What belief did you take on that’s still occurring for me now? 

Allow yourself to be open and trusting of what comes up. Let your intuition flow. Trust your inner child to communicate with you in a way that supports this healing. 

Next, seek to find a shift in perspective for your inner child. Maybe, as an adult, you can see the child’s belief was inaccurate, or misinterpreted. Communicate with your inner child by saying in a most compassionate way: I understand your feelings and I want to help you clear them. I am committed to my personal growth and it is my desire to help you move past these stuck spots. Are you willing to grow with me? 

If you receive a “no”, ask your inner child, what is the benefit of being stuck at that age? Recognize that the payoff is not worth the fragmenting of your being, and explain this to your inner child. 

When you receive a “yes”, begin dialoguing with your inner child and giving him/her the wisdom and power you hold as an adult. This can be communicated in words, transferred as energy, or envisioned as the child growing up. Breathe in to your power center the color yellow, restoring your inner strength and confidence, while simultaneously having your inner child do the same. Allow all the adult energy you have within you to fill up your inner child until they are complete, grown up, and at your current age. 

When you feel this process is finished, thank your inner child for participating and re-integrate him/her through a deep hug, embracing and breathing them back in to your oneness, until you are whole and complete again.


Genetic Decoding

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine seeing your DNA strands. As you view the triple strands that carry your genetic coding, find that genetic link that relates to the current issue in your life. Notice this same issue is in your genetic lineage (parents, grandparents, siblings and children). This link sticks out, appears discolored, doesn’t match, feels different in temperature, or somehow seems unnatural in its location.

Pull out that genetic link that contains the coding for this issue, and put it in the palm of your hand. Lay your other hand on top of it, enclosing the link between the energy centers in the palms of your hands. Place your hands together in prayer form with thumbs on chest at heart level.

Breathe deep and imagine a feeling a pure unconditional love and acceptance flowing from your heart in to the genetic link in your hands. With your awareness in your heart, deepen the feeling of love and appreciation. Exude that feeling in to the link between your palms. Fill that link with as much love and appreciation as it can hold until it feels complete.

Then replace the link back in to the DNA strand where it came from. Run your hands up and down the DNA strands to re-integrate the energy moving through it. Take a deep cleansing breath and affirm your new genetic coding.

Past Life Integration 

When integrating a past life, you want to be clear about what is incomplete from that lifetime. What was that lifetime all about and why is it incomplete? Was there leftover feelings, unmet expectations, thwarted intentions, miscommunications, an attachment to someone or some thing?

Start by calling forth the past life that resonates with what you’ve been experiencing. If you’ve been feeling sadness, look for the limiting belief that’s causing the sadness. Are you feeling unloved? Unaccepted? Abandoned? Unappreciated or valued? Do you feel low self esteem, like you’re not good enough? Get a general idea of what is at the bottom of your emotion. Anger or sadness may be leftovers from feeling unrespected.

When you call forth the aspect of you that existed in another time (another dimension), see if you can get a picture, visual, feeling, or thought to come to mind that connects you to this past life experience, and the way you have been feeling. When you have a connection, begin dialoguing with this aspect of you.

If you don’t already know, ask what he or she needs to feel complete with that lifetime. You might hear, see or feel a particular desired outcome that was unmet. They may feel upset, denied, angry, sad, or hurt. See if you can find out why. What did they want that they didn’t get? Who hurt them? What was their unmet expectation? What were they attached to? Where did they hold that pain?

Once you’ve determined the story, step out of the timeline, observing it like you would a football game. Back up on the timeline of events before the upset occurred and re-create the story so it has a more desirable outcome – one that empowers you.

Allow your new story to create a new timeline that spawned improved experiences and supports the new you. Get in to the feeling of it. Make that your new reality. Share this new energy with the aspect of you that fragmented off from that past life experience. Flow this feeling of renewed spirit, joy, love, compassion, and peace through both of you. Feel your energy getting stronger as you hold your new past in your mind, heart and soul.

Take a deep breath and integrate your new past life by embracing them – give them a big hug and breathe them back in to your oneness. Feel your energy expanding as you integrate this past life. Notice how much stronger and more peaceful you feel. Check in and ask yourself if you feel complete. Breathe in that sense of completeness you feel as a result of this experience.

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