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The Secret to Life 101 E-Book

Now Available ~ "The Secret to Life 101" e-book

70 Awesome pages filled with the principles of how to work with Energy, the Natural Laws of the Universe, and 12 techniques to release negative thoughts and feelings, along with step-by-step instructions to create a life you truly desire. In this book you will learn how to:

  • Get more of what you want - and less of what you don't
  • Stop attracting negative people and events into your life - and start attracting exactly who and what you do want
  • Understand how YOU created your current situation and what to do to change things
  • Reprogram yourself on a cellular level and attract abundance
  • Align your thoughts and actions with the natural spiritual laws of abundance and success
  • Experience a sense of renewed hope and passion for life
  • Gain clarity; identify your unique form of creative expression in the world
  • Learn how to move in the direction of your dreams

Orig.: $14.95
Sale: $11.11

The Energy of Wealth Program

Brand New Release~ The Energy of Wealth ~ Audio Program & Coaching Workbook

Imagine if you had absolutely no fear of failure (or success...) and you knew you could accomplish anything you wanted - no limitations whatsoever.

What would you do with your life?

Would you change careers or start a business? Would you go travelling? Would you write that novel?  

Imagine you could easily overcome ALL of your fears and financial insecurities and you knew without a doubt you deserved to have everything you wanted. 

You knew you were good enough... 

...worthy enough...  

Would you finally allow yourself to live that life, and live it happily ever after?  

Would you terminate the unhealthy factors that are no longer serving you and haven’t been for years? 

Would you live your dream life?...

Listen to the MP3 audio for a sneak preview and sample taste of this program

It's free and available at:

Get this valuable program today for LIMITED TIME for only $39.99 and you'll discover -

  • How to createeffectiveaffirmations to attract wealth and abundance – feel financially secure and infinitely free 
  • How to use journalling to explore inner blockages 
  • 3 Top Tips on how to connect with pure positive energy
  • How to transcend overwhelming fear using a simple clearing method 
  • How to produce more Feel Good chemicals into your brain ...naturally...
  • Powerful  techniques and a wonderful meditation to soothe financial worries
  • How to release charged emotions through Breathing 
  • 3 Simple ways to turn fear into gratitude
  • How to use a Feel GoodTrigger to instantly release financial fear and stress 
  • The Energy Transmutation Technique, the Tapas Acupressure Technique, and many more, and how to use them 
  • How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to remove fear
  • PLUSFree e-book from Joe Vitale, free video and audio links, and much more

 To get this Awesome new program, go to:

Orig.: $49.99
Sale: $39.99

The Energy of Wealth Program and Teleclass Series

Join us for the Teleclass Series

.............and take it to a deeper level.

Mondays at 7pm CST - TBD

Tuesdays at 2pm noon CST - TBD

Get the guidance of a powerful coach, along with the support of an interactive group and audio/workbook program, for all 6 sessions at an affordable price of $89 (normally $188).

To sign up for this teleclass, visit the link:

Orig.: $188.00
Sale: $89.00

Health and Healing Experiential Workshop

Learn how to work with your energy to bring your health in to balance. Take home new skills that allow you to determine your imbalances and what to do to correct them. Experience Healing Yourself, and feel the empowerment of being able to do these techniques anytime you desire. 



Transformational Imagery Guided Visualization/Meditation

Meditation: Transformational Imagery - In this 27 minute advanced meditation, you will explore both sides of the brain, integrate them for increased multitasking, and connect the corpus collosum to your higher power. Through an expanded awareness, you'll be guided rewire you "hard drive", connect to your joy, and find your purpose. You will also experience a cleansing of your aura and re-aligning of your energy field. By the time you are done with this meditation, your mind will be able to move at the speed of light, your body will be totally energized, and you will feel totally at peace.


Awakening Clarity and Insights Meditation

Meditation: Awakening Clarity and Insights - Advanced Meditation to enhance your intuition, aliven your senses, and expand your success


Meditation to Clear and Recharge Your Personal Power and Heart Center

Meditation: Clearing and Recharging your Personal Power Center and your Heart Center - Strengthens your confidence and inner strength as is also opens your heart and connects you to your passions


Meditation to Clear and Recharge Your Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Center

Meditation: Clearing and Rechargning your Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Center - Strengthens your communication, self-expression, intuition, and deepens your feeling of connection to Source


Meditation to Clear and Recharge Your Naval (Relationship) Energy Center

Meditation: Clearing and Recharging your Naval Center - Strengthens your relationships


Meditation to Clear and Recharge Your Root Energy Center

Meditation: Clearing and Recharging your Root Center - Strengthens your foundation


Basic Lymphatic Massage Class

Lymhatic Massage Class for Licensed Massage Therapists

Approved Continuing Education Class for LMT's - 4 CE Hours

Date:  Sunday, Feb 23, 2014

Time:  1pm - 5pm

Location:  The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School
                 4701-B Burnet Road, Austin TX 78756

Price until Feb 17, 2014:  $100

Price if after Feb 17, 2014:  $125


Brenda Young  847-772-8807   BYoungCoaching @